M.S. Candidate

Name Syed Ali Hassan
Education B.S. ('16), Department of Software Engineering, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Pakistan.
Interest Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Deep Learning
Office / Phone D120 / 7468
E-mail syedali1621@gmail.com

Name Daniar Estu Widiyanti
Education B.S. ('18), Information System, Department of Industrial Engineering, Telkom University, Indonesia
Interest Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Mobile Application Development.
Office / Phone D120 / 7468
E-mail daniarestuw@gmail.com

Name Nandika Wibowo
Education B.Eng. ('15) Department of Electrical Engineering (Control System), Telkom University, Indonesia
Interest Control System Engineering, Automation and Robotics, Mobile Robotics, Industrial Automation, Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV).
Office / Phone D120 / 7468
E-mail nandikawbw@gmail.com