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Non-orthogonal multiple (NOMA) access using successive interference cancellation
and cognitive radio are two promising techniques for enhancing the spectrum efficiency
and utilization for future wireless communication systems. This paper presents a
NOMA-based cooperative hybrid spectrum sharing protocol for cognitive radio
networks. A two phase decode-and- forward (DF) relaying scheme in a multi-relay
scenario is considered. Each secondary transmitter is grouped into one of the two
clusters: a non-cooperative cluster (NCC) and a cooperative cluster (CC). The cluster
head (CH) of the CC working as the best DF relay for the primary system is permitted
to transmit its own signal superimposed on the primary signal using a NOMA approach
in exchange for cooperation. On the other hand, the CH of the NCC transmits in
parallel with the primary system satisfying a predefined peak transmit power and peak
interference power constraints that guarantee a given primary quality of the service
requirement. It is demonstrated that the performances of both the primary and
secondary systems increase with the increasing number of secondary nodes. The
simulation and theoretical results affirm the efficacy of the proposed protocol compared
to the traditional overlay and underlay models in terms of the outage probability and
the ergodic capacity.


Authors: MD FAZLUL KADER and Soo Young Shin

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