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Paper Title :  Channel Allocation Schemes for Permanent user Channel Assignment in Wireless Cellular Networks 

Authors: Muhammad Rehan Usman

Journal Name: (The Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering) IETE Journal of Research

Published: September 2015 
Issue: Ahead of print (yet to be assigned)

ABSTRACT: In this paper, two different models for permanent user channel assignment, based on Markov chain, are proposed for wireless cellular networks. Both models include channels for calling, handover, and permanent assignment. Models in this paper provide comparison of the blocking probabilities and handover failure probabilities after introducing the permanent user channel assignment, further permanent user channel blocking probability is also derived. Based on the blocking probability results, risk analysis to predict the blocked channels is provided at the end of this paper using the @Risk tool. The simulation results are provided in two parts, i.e. (1) the probability curves against the number of assigned channels are shown and (2) the results using @Risk tool for the risk analysis are shown.
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