Massive Mimo-Noma Simulator Now Available!!!!

27 Jan 2021 - 06:01 AM KST

Massive Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (mMIMO) NOMA Simulator 

Download the mMIMO-NOMA Simulator Application here.

Download the mMIMO-NOMA (Single-cell)(2Vs3 User Grouping) Simulator Application here.

Download the Matlab Runtime Installer here.

Download the User Manual and License Agreement here.

Download the tutorial here.

We are happy to announce the release of the

mMIMO-NOMA 5G-Downlink Link Level Simulator 

To get access to the download link, please send an e-mail to WENS Laboratory ( that contains :

1) Identity (name, date of birth, e-mail, phone number, address, and institution)

2) The reason/purpose for using the mMIMO-NOMA Simulator.

The features are listed below. You can also check the list of features and the documentation of the new version on the webpage of the corresponding simulator.

You are welcome to post your questions/comments/feedback to the WENS Laboratory ( Our team will try to support you as soon as possible. Please also read the license agreement carefully to check whether you would need our permission to use the simulator.

Best regards,
The mMIMO-NOMA Simulator Team.

Features of Massive MIMO NOMA Simulator:

Parameters mMIMO-OMA & mMIMO-NOMA
No. of Cells Single Cell
No. of Users (K) 2k users (k=2,3,4,…,10)
No. of T/x Antennas (M) 2m Antennas (m=2,3,4,…,10)
No. of R/x Antennas Single Antenna
User Deployment Random User
Network Setup Downlink with Perfect CSI
Beamforming Technique Zero Forcing (ZF)
Bandwidth (B) 20 MHz-100 MHz
Power Allocation Fixed Power
Channel Model NLOS
Interference Cancellation Perfect SIC
Performance Parameter Bandwidth & Spectral Efficiency
Performance Comparison mMIMO-OMA vs mMIMO-NOMA

Massive MIMO NOMA Simulator Team:

1. Prof. Soo Young Shin

2. Irfan Azam

3. Muneeb Ahmad

4. I Nyoman Apraz Ramatryana

5. Bhaskara Narottama