Eqm-Level Satellite Communication System Designs Featured By Real-Time Satcom Routing Optimization

01 Jul 2023 - 12:07 AM KST

  • Title
    • 국문: 우주인증 (EQM) 저궤도 통신 위성, 위성군 Realtime 통신링크 최적기술
    • English: EQM-Level Satellite Communication System Designs featured by Real-Time SatCom Routing Optimization
  • Funded by: IITP
  • Period: 2023-07-01 ~ 2030-12-31
  • Role: participant
  • Manager: 최영은(Yeongeun Choi)
  • Project summary:

    ❍ Research on resource allocation technique for mMIMO-NOMA in integrating terrestrial networks (TN) and non-terrestrial networks (NTN) 

    • Research on mMIMO-NOMA technology and development of resource allocation scheme (power, user, communication resources, etc.) for integrating TN and NTN
    • A study on the uplink and downlink NOMA of base station-satellite and satellite-user scenarios

    ❍ Research on combination of mMIMO-NOMA and OAM-IM

    • A study on the combination technology of mMIMO-NOMA and OAM and IM to increase spectral efficiency in mobility scenarios
    • Development of interference cancellation method including superposed coding and mode detection scheme
    • A study on IM technology by utilizing single and multiple communication resources of mMIMO, NOMA, and OAM system

    ❍ Development of next-generation wireless access technology using OTFS for high mobility

    • Development of OTFS-NOMA technology using user superimposition with time-varying channel estimation technology and other mobility functions

    ❍ 특허 사사

    • 【과제고유번호】1711198878 
    • 【부 처 명】 과학기술정보통신부
    • 【연구관리전문기관】 정보통신기획평가원
    • 【연구사업명】 정보통신방송혁신인재양성 
    • 【연구과제명】 우주인증 (EQM) 저궤도 통신위성, 위성군 Realtime 통신링크 최적기술
    • 【기 여 율】* 하나의 특허가 둘 이상의 과제에서 지원된 경우 각 과제별 기여율을 입력
    • 【주관연구기관】금오공과대학교 산학협력단
    • 【연구기간】 2023. 07. 01 ~ 2030. 12. 31

    ❍  Publication ACKs

    • "This research was supported by the MSIT(Ministry of Science and ICT), Korea under the ITRC(Information Technology Research Center) support program(IITP-2023-RS-2023-0025906112182103820101) supervised by the IITP(Institute for Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation)"

  • Acknowledgement
    • 국문표기: ITRC (Incheon Univ.)
    • English: ITRC (Incheon Univ.)
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