Ict Challenge And Advanced Network Of Hrd (Kumoh National Institute Of Technology)

01 Jul 2022 - 12:07 AM KST

  • Title
    • 국문: ICT혁신인재 4.0 금오공과대학교
    • English: ICT Challenge and Advanced Network of HRD (Kumoh National Institute of Technology)
  • Funded by: IITP
  • Period: 2022-07-01 ~ 2026-12-31
  • Role: leader
  • Manager:
  • Project summary:

    • STAR (SW, Telecommunication, AI, Robot) Convergence Technology Training and PBL Training
    • Development of STAR (SW, Telecommunication, AI, Robot) convergence talent with the ability to discover and solve corporate field problems through a corporate-student mentor collaboration system
    • Establishment of an education/research and industry-academic cooperation system to solve corporate field problems

    Project Summary

    To contribute to the convergence of ICT intelligence and the development of local industries, three areas of research were conducted to solve practical problems based on the demand of local companies

    1. Real-time Lightweight DDS, Diagnostic Trouble Prediction Technology

    : Implementation of high-reliability/real-time enhancement technology of smart factory using state diagnosis/trend display techniques for fault detection/prediction - Light-weight Data Distribution Service (DDS) technology for large-scale IoT equipment management and real-time improvement - Fault detection prediction technology of smart factory edge nodes for improved reliability

    2. Next-generation mobility technology

    : Implement next-generation futuristic mobility technology that replaces human movement or maximizes human mobility by utilizing robot technology - Multi-Joint link-type ruggedness-overcoming robots that can replace human resources in various situations through environmental awareness technology and mechanical design mechanism technology - Wearable strength assistant robot platform that maximizes operator mobility and mobility efficiency through ergonomic design technology and strength assistant robot system control technology

    3. Complex Knowledge Graph Inference Techniques

    : Knowledge extraction technology that can extract recyclable children from documents existing in various subject domains, knowledge graph self-proliferation technology research that can expand and build knowledge that can be used in real domains, and convergence reasoning techniques for efficient reasoning. - Technology research that automatically recognizes and accurately extracts key knowledge elements from various documents containing heterogeneous knowledge to build a complex knowledge graph. - Applying optimization technology that automatically generates knowledge required to apply to major tasks in the target domain and completes XAI (Explicable AI) technology in the reasoning process required for tasks based on this

    논문 사사

    • 국문표기: 본 연구는 과학기술정보통신부 및 정보통신기획평가원의 ICT혁신인재4.0 사업의 연구결과로 수행되었음” (IITP-2024-RS-2022-00156394)
    • English: This research was supported by the MSIT(Ministry of Science and ICT), Korea, under the ICAN(ICT Challenge and Advanced Network of HRD) program(IITP-2024-RS-2022-00156394) supervised by the IITP(Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation)

    특허 사사 

    • 【과제고유번호】 1711179326
    • 【부 처 명】 과학기술정보통신부
    • 【연구관리전문기관】정보통신기획평가원
    • 【연구사업명】 정보통신방송혁신인재양성(ICT혁신인재4.0)
    • 【연구과제명】 ICT혁신인재4.0(금오공과대학교)
    • 【기 여 율】* 하나의 특허가 둘 이상의 과제에서 지원된 경우 각 과제별 기여율을 입력
    • 【주관연구기관】금오공과대학교 산학협력단
    • 【연구기간】 2022. 7. 1. ∼ 2026. 12 . 31 .

    기술이전 사사

    • 부처명 : 과학기술정보통신부
    • 전담기관 : 정보통신기획평가원
    • 사 업 명 : 정보통신방송혁신인재양성(ICT혁신인재4.0)
    • 과 제 명 : ICT혁신인재4.0(금오공과대학교) 
    • 주관기관 : 금오공과대학교 산학협력단
    • 총사업기간 :  2022. 7. 1. ~ 2026. 12 . 31  . (4년 6개월)

  • Acknowledgement
    • 국문표기: ICAN (2024)
    • English: ICAN (2024)
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