M.S. Candidate

Name Syed Muhammad Raza
Education Bachelors in Computer Science, Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology
Interest Lightweight Deep Learning Models, Deep Learning for Aerial, ROS and Drones
Office / Phone / +82-10-4299-7292
E-mail syedraza98@kumoh.ac.kr

Name Akbar Taufiqurrahman
Education Bachelor of Computer Science (2022), School of Computing, Telkom University, Indonesia
Interest Agricultural Smart System, Embedded System, AI/ML/DL, Data Science, UXV, ROS
Office / Phone D120 /
E-mail akbartaufiq.atr@gmail.com

Name Faisal Ayub Khan
Education Bachelors of Computer Science, HITEC University Taxila Pakistan
Interest Artificial Intelligence/ML /Wired/Wireless communication, 5G and beyond
Office / Phone T462 / (054) 478-7468,
E-mail faisalayubkhan10@gmail.com