Bk21Four Merit (Medical, Electronic, Robotic, It) Convergence Innovation Talents Training Group For Smart Manufacturing Innovation

28 Aug 2020 - 12:08 AM KST

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    • 국문: BK21FOUR 스마트 제조 혁신을 위한 MERIT (Medical, Electronic, Robotic, IT) 융합 혁신 인재 양성단
    • English: BK21FOUR MERIT (Medical, Electronic, Robotic, IT) Convergence Innovation Talents Training Group for Smart Manufacturing Innovation
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  • Period: 2020-08-28 ~ 2027-08-27
  • Role: leader
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    • Vision of the Education Research Group
      •  "MERIT (Medical, Electronics, Robotics, IT) Convergence Talent" with convergence technology in electronics, robots, medical science and IT for smart manufacturing innovation.
    • Goal of Education Research Group
      • Aimed at research and human resources development in convergence with IoT network and communication for smart manufacturing innovation, robots and systems, sensors and interfaces, and four core technologies of intelligent software, MERIT (Moving first, Entrepreneur, Resolving, Inter-discipline, Top-class)
        (1) Moving first (leading): Conducting research on smart factory technologies that create future values and train key leaders.
        (2) Entrepreneur (Creation and Start-up): Conduct creative research on smart factories that will lead industrial sites and train start-up leaders.
        (3) Resolving (Problem Solving): Conduct practical research to solve practical problems in smart factories and train practical professionals.
        (4) Inter-discipline (interdisciplinary convergence): Conducting cross-disciplinary research and training of convergent technical experts
        (5) Top-class (top-level): Conducting world-class convergence research and fostering top-notch talent based on the global network education environment.

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