Development Of Improved 3D Holography Display Using Multi-Vision

30 Aug 2020 - 12:08 AM KST

  • Title
    • 국문: 멀티비젼을 활용한 개량된 3D Holography Display 개발
    • English: Development of Improved 3D Holography Display Using Multi-Vision
  • Funded by: Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute
  • Period: 2020-08-30 ~ 2022-08-29
  • Role: leader
  • Manager:
  • Project summary:

    • Multivision Display H/W, S/W Development
    • Development of Audio-Integrated Multivision Display
    • Development of PC/Smartphone App for Display Image Data Transmission
    • Establish a network for smartphone-display data transmission (Wi-Fi/4G/5G)
    • Building servers for data storage and management

  • Acknowledgement
    • 국문표기: 본 논문은 BK21플러스 사업(금오공과대학교 IT융복합학공학과)에 의하여 지원되었음
    • English: This work was supported by the Brain Korea 21 Plus Project (Dept. of IT Convergence Engineering, Kumoh National Institute of Technology).
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